Vespa Top 2011 of the Vespa Club des Savoies

Hello fellow Vespa-Fans,


On 3 and 4 September 2011, the Vespa Club des Savoies will stage its annual Vespa Top Meeting. The whole thing will happen at Quintal and nearby Mt Semnoz in the beautiful Savoy region. See their website for all complementary information. We hope that lots of you will find the time to go there. As the invitation says, it's the highest Vespa meeting in Europe so don't forget to take along some additional jets for your carb. And who knows, maybe you are the lucky one to win a Vespa PX and return home with two scooters.








Salut Olivier,


oui, nous faisions bon voyage. Sauf on a eu de la neige (plutot grele) pres de Landsberg au lieu de au top de Mont Semnoz:



Merci pour les liens au forum de Vespa Club des Savoie.


A bientot,



salut martin ! bien rentré avec mo ?

here's some pictures

don't worry if you're not logged, you'll find picasa and flikr album !