Vespa T5

A question on T5 drivers:
What is the best jetting on a T5 with:
Malossi 172
24 SI T5 carb
Standart exhaust
21 cog cosa clutch
overworked cylinderhead

Is the 122 jet realy enough?
Is it enough only to change the mainjet, or did you chage more?

Yes, i know normaly we had to know this, but this is my first T5 [:D]

Cheers Daniel

124 and totally retard the timing to the stops and get a decent pipe

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

A 122 is to big, i would go for a 118

put 1 in and go for a flat out ride, and see what you think! it was the best jet for me with a malossi, sip head and standard exhaust

i built a mates t5 with the above setup and he had it dyno’d.resulting graph was ok but neede to go down to 122 jet instead of 124.he rode it for a week and then said the plug was a bit light so told him to go back to 124 which did the trick.proof enough???

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

118 for riding only topspeed?
Is it not too smal?
Cheers Daniel

Many thanks!
Cheers Daniel