Vespa t5 reedvalve rotary pad repair

Hi. I have a vespa T5, fitted with a polini 152 kit. I have been having a few problems which i first thought was an air leak but now appears to be a damaged sealing ( rotary pad ). My next question is where to go next ? Should i fit a reedvalve intake, such as the malossi item , which will require having the casings altered or the worb5 intake manifold, which apparently doesn`t require any work done to the casings ? Has anyone got any experience of either item and could recommend one ? Also, if i go for the malossi reedvalve would i need to fit a flowed crank or could i keep the standard one ? Any advice would be gratefully recieved [:)]

 Devcon on a rotary pad? I have to ask, is this something you have tried on a rotary pad?


 I have had several cases ATTEMPTED to be repaired (welding was one of these methods), and not once has it been satisfactory. one that was welded, and then expertly reprofiled juts broke off 3 days later.


 Devcon, no matter how you use it doesnt last 10 seonds in my experience.


 Go for the reed valve, you wont look back!


 Why not repair it using Devcon or similar.

I've used titanium Devcon before and as long as the pad is cleaned and degreased properly it'll last indefinely.

Smear it on using a razor blade so it's the same height as the rest of the pad  and leave to dry.


Cheers for the replies. I think that the pad may be beyond repair but thanks for the advice. I was leaning towards the full reed valve system but i`m not too hot with a Dremel and didn`t want to ruin the casing. A friend recommended the Worb5 item as " the best of both worlds as there`s apparently no alteration to the casing needed but i had not heard of it before. Suppose i`d better be brave and order the reed valve, then break out the Dremel ![^o)]