Vespa T5 MK1 analogue rev counter



First post so hope I have this right. I have just found that one of the components on the rev counter PCB has burnt out. The damage is so bad I can't tell what it was looks like a diode or resistor? 

Also looks like the transistor or voltage regulator has seen some heat so will change all components one I find out what they are. The one that I can't identify is between the chip and the resistor just under the edge of the rev counter dial.

I have had a look on line and in my manuals but no luck so far apart form someone in Portugal that repairs them. I would rather repair myself as looks like it should just be a case of replacing damaged components.


Any help would be appreciated Cheers Mark




Got it sorted replaced most components apart from the chip which I could not source. Now works a treat. If anyone has a similar problem I might be able to help.