Vespa SS180 12V

i am looking to convert my SS180 to a 12v cdi system. What can you recommend ?

This is a fully restored SS180 for street use


Thanks, Craig

Thank you for your reply

i have a px150 flywheel, stator etc but the flywheel will not fit onto my SS180

 cheers, Craig

A good and reliable solution is to take a conventional 12V DUCATI Ignition as standard in PX.
It always works, there are no problems with spare parts; and if you want you can get it as cheap used parts.

You need the stator plate, the flywheel, the CDI blackbox, a mounting angle for the CDI, the 12V voltage regulator and (for shure :) ) 12V light bulbs and a 12V flasher relay.

I don't know if you have a battery or not or if you have an AC or DC horn. But in this case you can also think of throwing away the battery and use a rectifier plus a 12V DC horn which is much louder than the meep-meep AC horn.

BTW...would appreciate any feedback.