Vespa SS 180 6V to 12V conversion and what mods to have done

Hi there.

I'd like to convert my scooter from 6V to 12V. Please let me know what is the best option for me as I also want to increase the power of my scooter.

Also, I'd like to know what the best parts for modification of my scooter to increase power.

I am in the dark when it comes to scooter modifications.




You wrote that you changed the handlebar switch...what do u mean.. to which switch?

Jukka. Finland


Saw your post and wanted to ask what exactly you did. I am working on my SS right now and was just wondering if I want to go your way with tuning.

So you took the original piston out and installed the rally piston which is for a kit of 213 cc? Which part is that from SIP? And where can I find that air filter kit?

Thanks in advance

i just got done doing mine. i removed the original piston ported, and installed a rally 200 kitted to a 213. installed a p series cut crank and seals and bearings. i got the SIP conversion kit, the stator plate was a little funky, and needed to be worked a bit to fit properly. new harness, and reversed the break switch. it took awhile to dial things in properly, added sito, and the new polini velosity stack air filer kit, and it runs like a tank!  so much torque! blew up the stock clutch in 2 weeks. replaced it with a cosa banded, but had so issues with it fitting right. so i dismanteled the clutch, and removed the burrs from the cage, and lightly filed down the plates (tabs) due to the fact that during the welding of the band it slightly brought the cage in.

replaced handlebar switch, and now everything works great! starts up on first kick and runs unstopable!