Vespa Sprint and LML casses

Hi guys and girls . Am looking at LML cases 78201000 to convert my 2 port sprint to three port  with reed valve  and polini 177 top end. has any one done this and do all the internal parts swap over

that doesn't sound good to me.

You better take a complete LML engine instead of wasting the vintage stuff.

Also for you setup you should positively NOT use the old crankshaft (it does not work in a PX engine - also the shaft seals you need are different), the poor old tiny clutch, the rattling christmas tree etc.

With the LML engine you get a PX style engine with a different type of crankshaft and a 12 V electronic ignition (Ducati style).

I don't know what else you want to modify, but it seems cheaper to switch to the complete LML engine.