Vespa Smallframe wide tyres conversion

Any tips on this issue…?, i really want to widen my rims/wheels on my smallframe PV/ET3/Special hybrid…PS! i have a PKII fork and a grimeca classic discbrake kit mounted on it, if this matters…?
(And of course a PK125 engine…)

Thanks in advance…


I would like wide both front and back, so what’s the exact way
of getting it to fit at the rear, anyone made a online „how to“ on
this subject…?

Thanks again…


3.50x10 will fit straight on the front. If u want wide rim on rear be prepared to move the upper shock mount, modify the exhaust and alter engine mount. in a number of places

you won't get any bigger than 3.50x10 on front unless you fit forks from an auto.

engine main mount criossmember needs a well milling into it to compensate larger tyre.

10-20mm machining off fylwheel side of engine mount and spacer of the same thickness placing on opposing side to offset the wide rim and centralise the rear tyre ( otherwise it will be kicked over to far to the left). Exhaust header pipe modification require to clear increased height and width of wide tyre dimensions. rear shock mount (upper) needs repostioning to stop tyre fouling the shock. Handling will be compromised considerably but probably still better than a PX.

Its afair bit of work to get it right, and not that much work to make it look shit, so be careful. check "" site for a chanc of getting on of the italians to give you a full detailed dimensions breakdown.


I’ve just been told that you can fit a 120/70 x 10 tyre on the rear of PK’s, which will fit with most exhausts, without any modifications.