Vespa´s Heads Up!


tall „Squareheads“ have been pasted around Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto,
Calgary and Vancouver to mark the re-issue of the retro Vespa S. The
campaign is by Dentsu Canada, which wanted to capture the cool, retro
aesthetic of the reissued scooters.

The wheatpastes are
the handiwork of photographer and street artist Dan Bergeron, aka
fauxreel. Bergeron spent 20 days sticking up the 324 posters in the
five Canadian cities. He pasted them in areas that already had some
form of graffiti or street art - careful of course, not to hit walls
that already had murals on them. In more central areas of town,
Bergeron also stuck them onto walls and shop fronts slated for

„The objective for the Squarehead shoot was to
create images that had an aesthetically retro, yet inherently modern
feel to them and to try to develop a relationship between the different
characters in their stance and attitude. My initial concern was to make
sure that the characters looked visually interesting for the purposes
of the outdoor portion of the campaign,“ explained Bergeron. "Also, the
marriage of the scooter head to the body was important, not only in
terms of a seamless look, but also in terms of subtlely commenting on
how consumers identify with products they buy and those products
forming the consumers identity."

You can check out his website here.

with handlebars for heads - a new street art-inspired campaign for
Vespa that seems straight out of Doctor Who has appeared in the streets
of Canada.