Vespa Rally 180 69' - 200cc instead of the original 180cc


I would like to know if anyone ever changed the 180cc to the 200cc engine.

I want to carved the cylinder to 200cc and put a 200cc piston.

What are the changes that I need to consider? (piston pin, exhaust...)




      I have a rally 180cc 1969, also I am having the engine done so iam able to use a 200cc barrell and piston.  The way to do it is you will have to get intouch with a dealer that will do this for you , some times they might ask you to srtip the engine out and send just the casing, or may take the hole engine and do it for you, which the secound I would say will coast a bit more.  The engine case has to be machined and such to allow it to take a 200 cylinder etc, so my advice would be to contact a decent vespa tunning performance dealer and exsplain what you whant and they will help you and exsplain what to do.  Try readspeed or kegra im sure you will get the answars you need, cheers and good luck darren

You can also mill down the bottom of a std 200 sylinder. We have done this even on a Polini 208 and it fitted well. The walls became quite thin, but this was no problem. You need a 24 carb and larger intake.

We used a 28 carb and polini exhaust. Old School Tuning.