Vespa Race exhaust from MALOSSI coming (again)

Top Secret! Found in the MALOSSI laboratories and will be back on the market in the next months: the legendary MALOSSI race exhaust for Vespa P200 and PX125! Not available for the last nearly 20 years, Malossi decided to redesign and reproduce this great exhaust!

Will be good for road tuned engines:


Hi there,

enclosed you will find the first pic of the exhaust. We don`t have any power diagramm right now but will try to get one asap.

Available from beginning of June.


Here you will find the orig. MALOSSI desr.


A significant re-styling for the legendary scooter that left its mark in history. Two new projects designed for collectors and enthusiasts of high quality machines. The already outstanding cylinder /head, known as C.V.F., and the reed valve intakes were the focal points for the evolution of the steel-bodied scooter. Within MALOSSI, there was a strong desire to add to them a special series of exhausts. The new POWER EXHAUST, sport exhaust systems, re-designed for high performance, with modern and aggressive styling. Innovation and creativity is part of MALOSSI´s DNA, product improvement and constant development are our strong points, this is why our products are so long lasting and well remembered by our admirers. For us, “Made in Italy” is our inspiration.



• Exhaust system with noise reducing chicane flow design, complete with add-on refurbish able silencer.

• Expansion chamber with internal baffl ing, made of FeP04 steel with added noise reducing fi breglass packing.

• Painted with high temperature resistant black paint.

• Silencer with anodized aluminium outer shell, can be disassembled and refurbished.

• Exhaust system includes a complete set of brackets, collars, screws and all parts needed for assembly, interchangeable





Awesome !


any picture of the old one? what does it seem?[:)]

is it much better than rz jl left or right hand pipe????