vespa px200e... sip road exhaust witch jet size



I have a 1989 vespa px200e "standard" with only 37000km on the clock

Im giving it a new coat of paint but as all scooters the exhaust 

rust and my 1 is full of holes so im looking for a new exhaust?

they say the sip road is the 1 but what jet must i put in, i have

a 116 jet at the moment 118 or 120 jet and is that the only thing

i have to change is the bottom part of the main jet bec i know the 

jet has 3 parts.....[:'(]

I ordered spares from you guys an its been for ever.... I had in mind you guys would be as good as the first time If i had to depend on sip if i was running a scooter biz I would have gone bank robed a very long time a go clients would of been we cant wait 3 months or 6 months what if that is there only set of wheels... i thort well order be for i start stirping my scooter to restore it, im at this point i have already put the hole scooter back 2getha with the old parts an im going 2morrow on a scooter ride with shocks thats like jelly... come guys make fast pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!! I understand that you guys are busy. the first time i ordered it took like 5 days .. we pushing almost 3 months if its not part i have already payed woooooooooooooooooooow bring an come take an lieve.. im shocked sip... dont worry bout the jetting i have already got my answer looks very dead here if some one read this woooopy do.......