Vespa PX200e idle jet air filter problems

Hi / Guten Tag


I have a Vespa PX200e (2001) that I am restoring and bought second hand with 30,000km on the odometer. The standard engine has a new mazzucchelli crank and new stator (previous crank with crack and stator contacts worn/damaged) - I suspect also issues with seals as there was very little oil in the engine.

The engine has been rebuilt and starts but floods in second gear with air filter is on - the engine works fine and is responsive in second gear with air filter off....I have checked gaskets, engine seals, cleaned carb and filter, checked float and needle. Adjusted idle mixture screw and tick over screw but with no success to stop the engine flooding and losing power with air filter on. Tried 115 main jet rather than standard 116 jet.


My next move is to replace the idle jet with a leaner 50/140 (has 55/160 jet in now) jet.


Any other ideas what the issue may be - just wondering if the crank has a different profile to standard Piaggio that has changed the induction and idle jet fuel ratio? Have BGM stator (from SIP) and spark appears OK but potentially if weak ignition issues when in higher gears under load? The scoot has seen a lot of mileage prior to me buying so do not know the history.


thanks in advance.

Paul (NZ)