Vespa PX200 Tunning kit

Hi Mates!
I have a Vespa PX200 EFL.
Now I want to instal some staff for better running.
What do U think about it?Does it keeps me a more power?

1.Ignition VESPATRONIC 20mm
Art.No. 50006000
Whether the electric starter will work?

2. Advise the carburettor with redvalve. What will approach for installation from buckets in 230сс.

What else details are necessary for increase in speed

Thanks for answer Mate!

please do a search at the community area, you will find some useful information.[quote user="Lysva"]

will anybody help me with my chois?



will anybody help me with my chois?

Hello Lysva!


Forget about Vespatronic and Reed. -You're not on that level yet...


Try to start with a Malossi 211 and a Sip road pipe.

Then you can still keep your electric start and autolube, but will also notice a good increase in power.