VESPA PX - official Piaggio Video

The Vespa PX is alive!




i knew about the LML 150cc 4 stroke carb version... either is out, or soon to be out, as a stella over here. but i didn't know about the 200 fuel injected version. i'll have to keep an eye and a ear open for that. 200 fuel injected could be very interesting. thanks for the news.

later, heggie

nice. but from what i hear... it won't be alive in the u.s.a. :(

and, any word (rumors) on a 4 stroke version?

LML are in the later stages of development of the 4 stroke 200 fuel injected version - watch out for the Stella badged vesion over your side Heggie - it promises to be very interesting. Vespa have only re introduced the PX because of LML's success in Europe and the home Indian market.