Vespa PX disc: SIP 12" conversion hubs - again :)

Hello friends,

I have Vespa PX200, 2004.

If I buy front (39043J00) and rear (242774J0) 12" hub kits, what else do I need for this conversion?


Is this conversion plug and play?


Any advice, comments or photos would be wonderful.




how is the 12" wheel conversion going? i'm thinking about it for my stella. is the conversion straight forward? (just unbolt the old and bolt on the new?) thanks, heggie

Hi dude

Here are some infos about the parts you also need to realise.

Recommendations 12“front :

- Grimeca Rim  item: GR672513S

- SERIE PRO Disc Brake Conversion Kit  item: 39043J00

- Modified SERIE PRO steering column

  ( item:13347900 Sprint/Rally/TS/GTR/GT, item: 13347500 VNB-VBB/T4, # 62880000 PX/Lusso)

Recommendations 12“ back:

- SERIE PRO premium modfiy kit disc brake version (item: 30009J00  inkl. brake disc , calipper, brakedrum and rim)


SERIE PRO modfiy kit  economy-version incl. brake drum 242774J0




Modified steering column 62880000.

What is the difference to my factory steering column?