Vespa px 200e upgrade

Hi mates;

İ have  a px200e and i need more power; but i dont know anything about the modification. so could u please help me about wich parts  should i buy. My vespa is original and never been upgraded before. my budget is about 1000 euro. İ am waiting your  advices mates ...

Actually i dont want to upgrade cylinder. Becasue  original one is  200cc  no need to give lots of money for 210 cc . So except cylinder, what should i do ? Any tips , model names, pics or explanations ....


If you don't want to change your original cylinder, I would go for a art: 25031000  

Racing exhaust RZ Mark One

right hand PX200/Rally 180-200
stainless steel

It will give you all that you need: good low end and very good in high end!!! This one is also a right hand exhaust, which means that you can keep your spare wheel!!! You will only have to enlarge your carb main jet, about a 125 main jet should  be ok.








[:D] thanx for yer advice mate