vespa px 200 MY model sip didital speedo

purchased the digital speedo for my px

 but rather than fitting the black box under the top headset

 prefer to fit it down near the reg/rec

 ive installed the cable ( just incase it can be done )

 but would like to check the wiring connection

  so been on few forums  researching different ways of fitting the hardware for it
one is to fit it near the reg/rect as the person who done this connected the wiring of the black box into the wires of the reg/rect
which i hope to do

 as if not aware it comes with a black box for the dc models which should fit under the top headset
 but seen a few where  the box has been fitted to down near the regulator

 on the sip instructions there a 3 wires which are as follows

1)Red ./ positive pole; connect to battery 12v dc ..could connect to the  switched live on the scooter  on scooter ????).

2)Brown wire / RPM wire  connect to 12v flux cable .............  (should connect to the black/yellow scooter).

3)Black/ground  wire connect to chassis  for good earth .............  (should connect to the black on scooter).

 the wire for the rpm on the speedometer  get the pulse from the wiirng for the light as think i read here is 3 pulses per revolution of the flywheel so the speedo  takes this into account when measuring the rpm

 so if was to  fit the box  down near the reg/rect am i right inmy connections




Plug on the  sip speedo



on scooter


Battery dc 12v



Rpm wire






could some one clarify this as dont want to burn or short something out?


hi did you manage to sort wiring on sip speedo if you did what connections did you use in the end