Vespa PX 177cc Carb Problem

I have problem with the carb on my PX. It's a standard autolube 20/20 carb on a 177 Pinasco kit and a Polini exhaust. It runs really well, no seizures even on long runs, but the carb spits fuel from the hole half way along the barrel where choke arm sticks out. It does it all the time, but it's worse when the choke is on.
It's not a big problem, but my white walls and engine are covered in oily shit. Any ideas (apart from buying non whitewall tires [:P] ). Cheers, Nico

Hi dude


please make shure that the carb is in good condition and fixed in the right way on the engine regarding the screws and the gaskets.


By the way - a 20 carb is not the best choice for a 177 ccm cylinder.

You need minimum  a 24 SI from the px 200.