Vespa PK50 S Elestart

Alright, I have a PK50 s elestart, its a 1996 model.

I have been trying make it go faster than 30mph and have bought a new exhaust for it however this did not help. I spoke to a vespa speacialist and he said that i need a new carb in order to get higher speeds due to the restrictor in my standard carb. He gave me details to look for a Dellorto SHB 16/16 carb, however these are very difficult to get hold of, i was wondering if their are any similar carbs that are easy to find which would make my vespa scooter hit around 35-40mph.


Thank You



You could have a look at other options to tune your scooter. Cilinder. or search google on typenr of the carburator.

Try in chicago i live near there and they have a lot of carbs

PS, if correct you allready have a 16/12 carburator, could it be that the 12 can be adjusted with only the little screw  Jets set DELLORTO 5/6mm, size: 75-122  you should have al look which one you need I guess.

But notice I'm not sure if that's correct[:|]