Vespa PK Sprinter ready and racing


Last year you supplied me sponsorship with some parts for my M1-R Vespa PK Sprinter


Back from Honnington Sprint(1/4 mile standing start) on Sunday

Time was [email protected] in 3rd ( could not used 4th gear because of dangerours side wind)

The M1-R didn’t miss a beat and I gave it some stick

The gearing seems a bit high as not a lot seems to happen then whamm

the carb needs dialing in and it is far too rich piolet/needle

(better safe than sorry)

The clutch was up to the job(but to be fair I only did 8 runs)

But the one thing that shocked me was once you were in the power band(way up the rev range)

It gave a rush of power taking me by surprise at times and nearly having me off

well impressed



So the plan is to fit 27/69

Jet Carb

and see what happens









Terry Ward







nice nice ...


but isnt it unconfortably without seat [H]

Carb is 32 koso pj which I am running quite rich as barrel has not been run in

I am now on 27/69 gearing and I am sprinting again tommorrow (sunday)

hopefully I can use 4th gear

will let you know how I am getting on[;)]

m1-r PK Sprinter totally on song today! fastest SS 1/4 mile [email protected]
fastest top speed run 83.93mph

Having no seat is not a problem and saves 6kgs!!

and am going to fit a drt smaller front sprocket on 27/69 maybe a 26 as the gearing is still a bit tall

by the way I came second in my class


Next race at North Weald in August

Very good work .... Very nice and performance with as matters more than okay ...

What they have now carburetor?

Greeting lukay