Vespa PK Series

Why is it that the PK Series aren`t well supported on the net or in manuals? Surely thousands of this range of scooter, including my PK 100 S, must have been sold, yet none of the Haynes Manuals cover them and parts seem to be hard to get hold of.

Does anyone know what P/PX parts are compatible with the PK series? I need a headlight rim for mine. It is listed as 130 Ø.


only joking mate i own 4 vespas ,on the compatability front only parts that are interchangable are the wheel rims as for manuals ive never seen a pk one the nearist is the early haynes vespa manual for v 90 to primis[:smile:] [:angry:] [:D] [:P]

Don`t pay any attention to the „Douglas“ on your Tax disc. The Douglas plant stopped making Vespas well before the PK was invented[I)]

thanks for the constructive comments

definatly scrap this one and buy a ts lammy you low life vespa riders[:dance1:] [:bounce:] [:smile:] [:dance3:] [:sleep:] [:smokin:] [:shock2:] [:look:] [:drink:]

hey savo,
actually, theres alot of stuff made for the PK range, include stuff found on this site. if not here then go straight to the polini, malossi, etc... webpage and usually you can find the pk. as far as manuals go, I think PKs are covered in the Vespa Tecnica series which are totally shweet despite their expense I own #2 and the information in them is positively anal. anal as in extremely thorough, not buttsex.

Nerd Force Zero[:dance3:] [:drink:] [:dance3:]


I have been told that all of the British PK Series scooters were 12v. Mine has a 6 volt battery therefore I believe it to be a6 volt (not had it long and had no manual). My tax disk has the make registered as Vespa(Douglas).

I have been lead to believe that the PK 100 and PK 125 were 6v. The PK 125 S is 12v. Using this as a basis I would suspect that the PK 100 S is 12v. Can someone verify this for me.

Savo[[:O]] [:’(]