Vespa PK clutch issue

Hello All

I am currently in the final stages of restoring a vespa PK100XL and i am having an issue with the clutch.

all new cables have been fitted ineer and outer,
a new clutch which is a newfren 4 plate reinforced clutch, new bearings and seals have been fitted to the actuating arm.

Now that the engine is in and cables are connected the clutch is extreemly have to pull in, even taking two hands to pull in the clutch leaver.

when the engine is running the clutch actually works fine apart from being very stiff, there is no clutch drag or slipping.

any advice would be greatly welcome.


Hi dude


The reason for the hard pulling is the reinforec cluth spring.

It´s normal that when the engine is running it´s better tu pull.


That´s the way it goes with a reinfored one.

If it´s to hard you can also change in the original spring.

The PK100 cc engine has not that much of horsepowers to be neccesary run with a reinfored spring.