Vespa PK 50 XL V5X3T


i have a restored vespa PK 50 XL elestart V5X3T and i have electrical problems 

my headlight and backlight and my front indricator's work fine

but my rear indicator's had a problem they worked for a little bit but really weak and in a random rithme

i tried to change the bulbs to 6V10W (only the back ones) in cause it couldn't handle the standard 12V10W cause my scooter has no battery but now they don't work at all!! ive been changing the bulbs and i checked the wiring (nothing was lose) but it still doenst work while the front indicators work just fine even with the 6V10W in them and i don't what to change and what to do to make i work cause i really want to bring it on the road again!

i would be great if someone could help me!


Kind regards from holland



Etienne Dijkgraaf