Vespa PK 125 XL

Hi everybody,
i have a question(s) regarding this particular Vespa model. It really needs new piston with piston rings.
My problem is that i can’t find 57mm (57,4 mm for first oversize) piston. I live in Slovenija next to Italy. I’ve been to Italy(Trieste to be precise) and the oficial Vespa service told me that it’s impossibile to get this dimension. Is that true? Am I doomed?
Also if I want to install new piston kit (Polini or Malossi) do I need to install electric starter? This is really frustrating. Can someone please advise me on what to do?

Also I order new carb and exhaust from SIP so we’ll se how that works out.

Thank you all,
Vespa is still the best ! ! !

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Thanks Juan for help,
here are the pics of piston and cylinder. The cylinder head has Piaggo logo with 125 - 90 written next to it. It just doesn’t make any sense. Any ideas ?

Thanks Peter

pics :

Check the cylinder head for markings,is it Piaggio,Polini or DR?

The Polini and DR 130 kits have a 57mm bore size as standard and have several overbores available.If it’s a Piaggio,which I doubt,you’ll have long since run out of rebores.

Post an internal shot of the barrel and we should be able to identify it by the ports if you can’t manage yourself.

Hi Peros,

The Piaggio service is right. You have a DR kit and the head comes from an ET3 and not a PK XL. The original are an ETS head (it’s marked on the bottom) and a 4216F cylinder which is the same mounted on the ETS. The exhaust must be that of the PK 125 XL because there’s a difference with other exhausts. You can’t fit for example that of an ET3 because the screws are wider and more distanced on the 4216F cylinder.
I own a PK125XL tuned and modified and I believe that there’s no need to install a Polini kit. I have a 24 mm carb, a 1 mm base plate, PK50XL flywheel, cut crank, Piaggio barrel sligthly modified on the exhaust port, 10,5 compression rate, Sito Plus exhaust Goes nicely and reaches a little more than 100 Km/h. Very reliable.
I hope this helps

Firstly you have made a mistake with the size,the bore on a smallframe 125 is 55mm and not 57mm.

There is a second oversize standard piston or a first oversize Grand Sport piston available from SIP and I presume elsewhere.

If your scooter isn’t an electric start model there will be no need to fit a starter for any kit.

Now I’m really confused. I took another measurement and it’s 56,8 mm. I checked xxx times. What to do ? Is new cylinder kit only solution? I would really be thankfull if someone can help me.
Would it help if I post a photo of piston?


PK 125 XL on stand sadly waiting me

Thank alpus,
do you have e-mail. My is [email protected]. I would like to ask you for some tips about modification.