Vespa P125X - Choosing the carburetor and other tips

Hi. I’ve been looking for another post on this, but didn’t find it, so I’m writing my first post on this forum to ask for help…

I’ve wrecked the rotary valve on my P125X and I’m converting it to reed valve. I have a reed block from DRT that was bought for a Rally 200 but never installed that I’m going to use on this motor. Its a flat reed block, with 3 Polini petals. I’ll need to work the crankcase a bit, but I think it will fit.

I think I’ll fit also a new crankshaft, probably a SIP bell-shaped one. I also want to change the gear ratio, to a longer one. I have a stock clutch, with 22 teeth, for a 67 teeth primary gear.

I already have a DR 177 installed and a custom exhaust, something like as improved SIP Road 2.0

So, the help I need is especially for the choosing of the carburetor and jetting, and for the clutch and/or primary gear:

  1. I’m leaning for a Mikuni TMX 27 or 30 Flatslider, but I’m not sure if it’s not too much, or if i need to change the jets it comes with

  2. I think the stock clutch is too weak and i need a new one. I believe a Piaggio Cosa 2 standard is a good choice, but i also need to change the clutch cover and the primary drive, right?

I want this ride to be a everyday ride, it’s not meant to be a racing Vespa, but I want to have some power if I need it, and, if possible, I don’t want to wreck my bank account…