Vespa P-200E racer


This is my first post in this forum. I have a 1981 P-200-E Motovespa. My goal is to make a café-racer with it. I have seen lots of tuning articles in this web site, and I have already ordered some indeed. Of course, I have some questions that hopefully some of you can answer.

  • I have seen the wide tyre kit; Is it useful for high speed cornering? or is it just good-looking

-I have the intention of installing a modern Vespa front fork with disk brake. Is this really necessary(I think so)? or maybe with a semi-hidraulic grimeca kit will do.

-After more than 20 years with the same engine, I want to rebuild it, giving it a sportier heart. What do you recommend me? I don´t want to spend a great amount of money, and so I assume I won´t have the fastest vespa… Maybe Malossi 210 and polini exhaust? what do you think?

-I have had very good experiences with plastic gasket instead of paper gasket in a T3 primavera. Is this plastic gasket suitable for the crankcases? I imagine it is not suitable for the cylindr head because the compression ratio is modified, but is it ok for the rest of the cylinder?

Thanks and I am looking forward to reading from you:


a good reliable setup for your motor is pinasco 213 with longstroke crank/1.5mm base gasket/190 atomiser/138main jet and sip pipe.good gutsy tourer and goes off the clock no probs but be sure to retard timing to 16degrees btdc.the kit runs at 120psi so needs to be kept cool.this will be a good motor with excellent longevity opposed to the racier mallossi setup that goes like holy shit but needs constant attention because it works the bearings and seals to the max.also pinasco only needs very minor porting.disc brake is a must for any scoot pulling 85mph plus,the grimeca semi-hydraulic will suffice if bled for polini exhaust,if you want a kitted engine that does the business you have to consider a good pipe such as taffspeed/sip/scorpion,lots o cash but worth the money for the performance you get.hope this has been a help

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984