Vespa MK1 T5 Nightmare(please Help)

keep the 9 in it. remember its a t5[:’(] [:’(] [:’(] [:’(]

what do you mean blowing up the spark plug what happens to it

Throw the old one away,crush it smash it!
as you could be silly!? and put it down to throw it later ,then next time ,you have the same problem, you pick up a cap that must work, as why did I keep it! then the vicous circle begins again!!!
Same with plugs…of course, I’ve never done that!![:D]

hi folks long time no speak. right ive had this before and can tell you 100% that your coil is on its way out .the same problem drove my fookin head mad a couple of years ago.[:@]

Gaz, I went to Mersea an all mate…went in me mates car tho cos we had a stall …we were the ones with the big pile of scrap metal and the rusty frame on the car roof!

I don’t think you had exactly the same problem tho, cos (correct me if I’m wrong) yours didn’t blow up the spark plug,I think mine is producing an over current. I’d love to just swap the pick up than the whole stator,much cheaper. If the plug you had in it is shagged then it could be the same thing.

Top rally Mersea this year wernt it?[:drink:]

Next question is…
When I bung a new stator on, will I need to have the timing strobed?..are all stator plates different regarding the timing?
or can I buy a new one and put it in exactly the same place as the old one[?[] I marked the position of the old one carefully)

thanks for your help all.[:look:]


Also the bike is completely standard

…I would also suspect the ignition plate.