Vespa headset casting material

Is the lower casting of the P series headset made of Aluminium or is it made of Zinc?

I intend to plate these parts so I need to know what they are made of so I can prepare them properly.

I agree with both of you! with mine the chrome lifted off within a year, and looked like someone had stuck kitkat wrappers on it![:rolleyes:] it oxidised under the chrome and then just lifted it up.
whats worse, polishing is my job!

Hi Eric, the P range headset is made from aluminium and will polish nicely so you only need to chrome it if you really want to, I have seen them engraved and polished. It is not a very high grade alloy and I have seen lots where the chrome has started to lift off after only a couple of years so I recommend if you want it shiny just polish it then clear lacquer it to keep it clean longer.

And Adrian will know, eh mate. Take a good look at his handlebar conversion. Excellent work. Just to add, if youre plating them id advise bead blasting before polishing or you could end up with some captive oxidisation. Also as an afterthought try Dean Orton at Rimini Lambretta for a price on his polishing service like his engine casings. Awesome . I dont know of anyone in this country doing it yet, (now theres a market!)

Thanks BEERACE hope your wedding was good.
My scooter is in this months scootering if anybody wants a better look, their pictures are bound to be better than mine, Andy has got a good camera for a start.
SLIDINGDOG respect is due, I hate polishing and I would rather do anything as a job than polishing all day (unless the only choice was rentboy as i wouldnt have it up the batty for any money). You can polish a headset and leave it, but you would need to do it every year to keep it good, and clean it every week. But I have found on polished stuff like engine cases etc if you make sure the polished cases are clean and use a good clear lacquer then it lasts for at least two to three years before you need re-do it. Kawasaki Zephyrs have this as a factory finish, and they start going furry under the lacquer virtually as soon as the 3 year warranty is over, and the lacquer thay use is like a clear plastic coating which is an arsehole to get off to re-do them. BEERACE & SLIDY Im surprised you don`t know each other seeing as you are so close to each other, you were the only two that replied to my shout for Mk1 T5 seats and I was gob smacked that you were both in Devon. Thanks.