Vespa & Harley

What makes us people so obsessed with these two twowheelers? There is no other makes that has so many custom-made parts on the market, and the owners seems they just have to improve their looks and performance. I know that I have a soft spot for both.
Lets face it, Harley was modern 1950, now it is a stoneage design. Vespa is just a oversized twostroke moped. Why do we just love them?
What do they have in common?

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Original von vespadoctor: obviously the therapy didnt work then adey. wot the feck are you lot doing discussing harleys on here for anyway, go and read back street heroes you gaylords and get a life

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are you a doctor, or do you just like to „play doctor?“
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P.S. I hate harley’s and leather trousers with the arse cut out … I was never confused … Homicidal maniac yes, confused never.

hey grimesy, its even worse in the summer when you step in a harley with bare feet and it squirts up between yer toes

Yeah Doc, he might have been a twat, but I bet you liked his Honda C90?

Very little apart from the agricultural ride.[:D]

Original von JuanK: Very little apart from the agricultural ride.[:D]

Seriously it’s the same as prefering a VW Beetle to a Cadillac,both do the same job the only difference is your prefered option.

I’ve only ridden a Harley once and I thourghly enjoyed it.But I can live with out one no problem.

Could I live with out my scooters?Not happily.[:angry:]

If it’s got tit’s or tyre’s there’s trouble ahead.

feel the same, bought my Vespa 1981, bought a HD sportster 883 1987, bored it to 1200, but sold it 1993. Still have the Vespa.

We are all starting from the same point and going to the same point too!!

Hi mates,
I was reading your opinions about Harleys and Vespas. I don’t know why I love my Vespa but I was thinking about the similarity of the spelling of the brand Harley Davidson and the Massey Ferguson. I’ve ridden both and I must confess that there’s something more than a similarity. In fact they both vibrate in the same manner, have the same maximum speed and have the same manoeuvrability although riding a Massey Ferguson is a little bit more comfortable. On highways I mean…

Why not have both?

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He guys, can we go somewhere in Africa and sell all of them for a good price!

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Original von mikkke: My problem with Harley is that my arms are too short to keep the left grip in one hand and the right one in the other hand, I have two choice the first one I take the clutch but no gas or I take the gas and no clutch. The handlebar is really too long if you know what I mean!!

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Here you don’t have to worry, it has footclutch!

(Please note it is no Harley)

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just picturing in my mind „the creation of a harley the grimesy way“, it must hurt…

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i was gonna buy one but had myself infected with syphillis instead as i thought it would make me more socially acceptable

obviously the therapy didnt work then adey. wot the feck are you lot doing discussing harleys on here for anyway, go and read back street heroes you gaylords and get a life

Hi all!

I went for a weekendride with Monarch uni MC club in 1971. It was about ten of us and the biggest bike was a 650 cc Triumph, smallest a 50 cc something, I hade a Honda 450 cc at that time. We just had a great time, and noone did worry about who had the biggest or the smallest machine.

In 1993 I drove from Sweden to a Indian motorcycle meeting in Sombreffe in Belgium. I rode my P2, and a mate rode his HD Electra 1971. Again, we just had a good time.

This is just two example,but my point is, that you can have a great time whatever bike you ride, or ride beside, even one with a mudflap.

Nowadays I mosty ride my P2 together with a mate that drives a Kawa ZX-10, 136 hp.

Happy riding,
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