Vespa gearing, 22/65?


I have been working on this combo, 22 gear for clutch and 65 primary(cush) gear. Is their any problems with this combo. Many people run 21/65 and stock px150 is 21/67-68 …

I ordered a 22 clutch gear from a company and stated I had 7 spring px200 clutch and they sent the narrower px150 clutch gear … well it is in the scooter right now and anyone tell if this is bad for the transmission?

I have the 22 cosa banded clutch coming soon so the longevity of the p200 clutch is not an issue.

Please help with oppinions,

Thank you


22/65 is Ok no prob.

Thank you for the answer[:)]

I really like this combo for my Pinasco 177, 24e carb and sito. I was disappointed the parts supplier messed up the order but they admitted their mistake and credited the part towards a nice cosa clutch … a little over kill but will last long in mild tuned engine.