Vespa Frame Number *032201*


i bought a scooter 3 years ago that had been totally reconditioned by scooter works in london back in 2007, the previous owner took several photos during its restoration and was led to believe it was originally a german built Touren 4 (T4) from the Augsberg be fair the look of the scooter matches the above mentioed model with it having the swan rear light in the pre-restored photos. The log book states the the frame number is: VGLA1T032201, however all i can make out under several layers of paint is: *032201* which is printed on the rim lip under the non engine side rear bubble.

My question is where did this scooter origanally come from and what model could it be.......any help is greatly appreciated......Kind regards....Guy

Hello Guy. I can not answer your question but I know a man who can. Try Bill Drake who is the registration expert for the Veteran Vespa Club. Bill has records for most country's production runs. His details are on the VVC site in the UK.

Hope that helps, Peter

Many thanks Peter, i'll get in touch with Bill as you suggested.....take care