Vespa Douglas 42L2

Will the kit Cylinder Vespa 150 VL1-3T/VB1T  fit my 125cc engine case, the bore and stroke are 54mm and the has a three stud fixing as in your exploded drawing. If so can I still use the standard cylinder head or can you advise  on any other kit that can be used.  


The cylinder head 24161800 has a four stud fixing. not three stud!!

 Thanks jim

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I recommend you the hole kit its item code 92198500 and the head is 24161800.

But please notice that you have to do a light modification to mount the 150 ccm cylinder in the feet section.




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I´m sorry it was my fault ... [:$]


We dont have this 3 Stud Head, you should by it used or on Ebay, its out of production