Vespa Cosa 200 carb



I put Polini 208 kit on my Cosa. I have a question conected to SI 24.24H carb. In the manual for mountig Polini kit they say that is necessary to change the main jet for bigger jet (PX 118 change to 125-128). So I assume i have to change the 92 jet to 100 or 102 because Cosa has smaller main jet? Is it ok if I put the BE3 mixer instead of BE6 and bigger jet (125-128)?

I also have a question about the hole that is indicated by an arrow on image below. Is this original for Cosa and if not what is the function of this hole? 

Prikazan je element vespa.jpg





Hello psuhadol,


there we would offer you following setting:

mainjet ca. 128

idlejet 2,8


main air correction jet 140 oder 160


Kind regards

Mario SIP