Vespa Carb casing

hello all, 


I'm new to this and the scooter world. got my self a 150 sportique and to cut it short I've put a kit on it. everything is okay except my new carb: 24/24E. it doesn't fit into the carb casing. do the standard Piaggio ones they sell on here work? and will it fit my 150 engine that is an original vintage one. 


Any help massively appreciated,




In this case you need to have the carb casing for the 24/24.
The bolts on the crankcase should fit.
But you need to rework the inlet port of the crankcase. Otherwise it's too narrow, and the big carb is useless.: Remember: a system is only as strong as it's weakest component.

Anyway: Why do you need a 24/24 carb on a 150 sportique? Do you have a different cylinder kit?