Vespa Accessories

How do fellas, anyone know of a dealer preferably mail order friendly that carries or can supply the full range of Vespa open face Helmets in all colours.Also does anyone know what the colour range is at the mo? and if I can’t get the colour I want how feasible is it to spray one with the Vespa paint to match my scoot?

Never spray a helmet mate, proper helmets are designed to slide, as you’re sliding down the pavement, if by real bad luck you have a prang, the added paint on your lid can grip and possibly break your neck or rip your bonce off, its true unfortunately (you mightnt get your fave colour), but please dont risk it

sorry dont know the colours of vespa helmets or where to get one

Try scoot n commute on 01606 350251 they have some.([:rolleyes:]