Vespa 90SS correct paint for front & rear brake hubs

I grew up in Monza (Milano) during the 1970's and i had a 125 Primavera now i have (finally) a 90SS (New Zealand model). I live in Virginia U.S.A. and there are only (3) 90SS Vespa's in the entire Washington DC metropolitan

area. I am trying to find the exact original paint match for the front and rear brake hubs (is it a ceremic paint?). I am unable to import Max Meyer paint do to import/export laws therefore i am looking for the PPG formula or any other formula that i can have mixed here in the USA. I beleive it to be different from the paint used on the wheels because i remember it beeing more metallic. I hope some one is kind enough to share this information with us. We are in the process of building the most comfortable 90SS sitzbank ever made (it should be finished within 12 months) at wich point i will share the entire process with everyone. Kind regards from Virginia.

maybe the Vespa Tecnica Book can help you !


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hi ..


i´ve checked out for you the original code from max meyer

it is 1.268.0983

you can use this code on the ppg page ...


hope this helps you