hi there

i’ve just been offered a vespa 90on an l plate for £500, it’s meant to be mint and has been reboared to 100cc.
i’m new to scootering as i’ve only been riding my lambretta starstream for a year. could you guys answer the following?

  1. is £500 for a mint 90 good value?
  2. is the 90 well catered for in regards to spares?
  3. are off the shelf tuning parts available?
  4. can larger capacity engines from vespa range easily fitted?

thanks for your help


so 16 people have looked at this thread but no one has an opinion or some useful knowledge. come on guys. scooterist in need of info here.

Sounds about all of the money to me, if it’s all working and no rust. There are parts readily available and tuning them can give you a seriously wicked grin.

Hi Dan,

Havnt had much to do with small frames recently but my girlfriend had a Vespa 90 back in the 80’s. Great little bikes. I may have to be corrected but you colud probably drop a 125 Primavera engine into it then these can be tuned up to 150’s or 177 (I think but dont quote me!!)

£500 seams a pretty good but as long as the frame is sound with no deep rust in the frame etc - have a look on SCOOTERTRADER.COM or even Ebay to see what small frames are going for.

Spares should be a piece of cake - VE spares will supply most parts to traders. Have a look on SIP shop here or give BEEDSPEED, MSC etc a ring & they’ll tell you availability of most parts.

hope this hopes a bit! Cheers

sounds good to me. anything from £150 to £1`250. buy it

If its mint yes! as for tuning you can go as fast as your wallet will let you! everything is designed to take some skin off your knuckles , fingers, arms and wrists! but generally quite easy to work on[:D]