Vespa 60

Lesbian link. ;D

Pure class mate, viewed and posted on immediately.

Yeah mate,I’ve seen it.You should see the exhaust.[[:O]]

Cheers chaps.;D

I’ve not seen you over on SBW lately Mike,there’s a thread running that might intrest you.

If it’s got tit’s or tyre’s there’s trouble ahead.New smallframe kit.

You know what mate, I’m getting tuning overload - there’s a few new mini TS1 stylee kits for smallframes, coming out. posting pics of loads of Italians sticking tuned T5 barrles on smallframes and then OZ talkin about stickin a gilera 172 barrel on a smallframe he’s doin. I get one idea for a new engine and then some more shit comes out and makes me change my mind.

OZ TS1 barrel on a P2 motor ? Have u seen that one ?

JuanK, you done it again!!!

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