Vespa 50L clutch HELP

hi all


I have been rebuilding a 50L (1967) but run into a problem with the clutch. I have replaced all cables, a new 3 plate clutch kit, new brass plunger and pressure plate. however when I tighten up the clutch cable ( no free play and loading the return spring) the clutch doesn't seem to engage at all? I can tighten the cable further but still nothing happens and the lever gets harder to pull...


when the cable is pulled the lever operates fine and I have checked the plunger moves with the lever with the cover off.


what is going on? is the brass plunger too short or have I set the lever in the cover in the wrong place?

the bike runs fine and slips in and out of the gears fine if you roll it along.


it's driving me mad!


Please check: there are 2 types of clutch covers which need different types of brass plungers:
Maybe your scooter is not equipped with the original parts anymore, so take care.

- The cover with short lever needs the plunger with 1 nose (#87700000)

- The cover with the long lever needs the plunger with 2 noses (#87710000)

-> make sure you have the right plunger and it also sits in the cover in the right way, too.


Another idea...did you infiltrate the cork clutch plates with oil for at least one night?