VESPA 50cc 1967 4 Gear - General Info and Manuals?

Merry Xstmas everybody and a very Happy upcoming  2007!

I have recentely bought a vintage Vespa 50cc (1967)
rare model with a round frontlight but already with 4 gears.

Need help to identify the exact model and finding any manuals,
on the web.
Also would like to know the possible tuning options for it
as its doesnt like even the smallest hills at the moment ,
i live in Nice ( lots of mountains and heels) :frowning:

any tips , links would be appreciated

thanks in advance -

Put engine and frame numbers in here:

and it will tell you what frame and engine you have, and the year etc.

VERY good site for other stuff as well.

Enjoy, smallies ROCK!