Vespa 50 S Tuning

I'm currently rebuilding a Vespa 50 S (VS5A1T) and I'm considering some mild tuning.

I am looking at a Malossi 75cc cylinder, better carb and an upgear kit.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

I am also wanting to know what sort of performance increases I can expect with this combination?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Thanks for the advice. I'm not really looking to make it really fast, just a bit more "useable" so I guess the 75cc kit might be the way to go. By the way, does anyone know is the original carbie a 16/16?

Another question- what is the best upgear kit for the 75cc Malossi cylinder kit??



Hi dude


The 16 carb is ok for the 75cc.(recommended mainjet size 68-66)

You can use the original primary gear for this cylinder.




Another question is should I go for a 102 Malossi kit?

I don't really want to change the crank or have to modify cases so maybe sticking to 75cc is best?

I want to keep the scooter fairly original.

Any recommendations?

Hi. I'm not an expert, just telling you my own experience: I have now 2 Vespa's with 75cc cylinder kit (the DR kit) and the banana exhaust. I havent done any other modifications than change to a bigger main jet (original carburetor). This will not give you a 'mean machine', but a smooth run with a lot better torque (get you uphill as well). I'm very satisfyied with this. According to one of the experts (LaRocca) will only a 102 cylinder not give you that much more power. If you really want to go fast, I guess you have to change carb, gearing, cluthc, cranc etc...

Both of them you dont need to chanche the crank, but you have to get a bigger curburettor, the cylinder will be to hot if he gets not enough fuel if you dont do this.Look to the 102 for the Sip-Tip: