Vespa 50 S Cylinder Kit Etc


Can somebody advise me on the best Malossi cylinder kit for my Vespa 50 S (V5SA1T)?

Originally I was looking at the 75cc kit, but would I be better to fit the 102cc Kit?

I do not want to change the crank or the crankcases.

Will the 102cc kit run with standard crank and cases? Or will I be better running the 75cc kit?

I also want to upgear it, what is the recommended upgear kit? Also, carb and exhaust recommendations please.


Hey dude


use the kit 16106450, i allready mounted it for a friend with also an 102 Cylinder and it runs really really well [8-|]



PS: Spareparts to mount are including ....




Hi LaRocca

Thanks for the info- will this setup run good?

Can you recommend a part number for the SHB 19 carb? Do Malossi do this carb as a kit?

Many Thanks.

Hi dude


I recommend you the following


1. 102 Malossi kit (item code 31869100)

2. Upgearkit 3.00er or 2.86

3. SHB 19 Carburetor with 82-80 mainjet

4. Polini Exhaust 2002030

5. Sparkplug W4AC

6. Ignition timing 17 degrees