Vespa 210 long stroke

yes JuanK,

we are crossing our answers since we are writing at the same time.

I think its wiseco. I had one through a job lot of bits. Cant see the point of not having a malossi. I did get it working but had to use huge jets and it seized on the motorway. Harry loves em but I think its because they are cheap!

this is what I can tell about using a longstroke and Malossi 210.

What you have is mainly two things.
First you have more torque.
Second there is a back shift in the power curve.
You won’t
get more power or less power but it will gives its power differently.
The gain is from 5000 to about 7000 rpm but it is just after this value that is curve starts declining up to about 8200 and then goes up again ( not to a peak power ) up to a little more then 9000 rpm.
So you will feel a small „depression“ between 7000 and 8200.

standard stroke keeps going almost to 8000 and then starts its decline from which it doesn’t come up. Its hill doesn’t come up again after it starts its decline.
With the 57 stroke you will experience a „depression“ (in comparison with the longstroke) in the range from 5000 to 7000.

What is better?
I personally prefer the longstroke version since is more respectful of the vespa 4 gears need of power delivering.
Its power delivering and improved torque allows you to be more free in the choice of exhaust you will be using.
You will feel your engine fuller at lower rev and you won’t be pushed to search for it opening the gas (you know what I mean).

The value I am talking about are from Engine using Malossi reed block and 30. Of course you can have a better curve using better reed block and carb.
And a head with 2,5mm squish band.
Base gasket or a combination of two gasket of different thikness will change things on the higher side and discussion will be very long.

At the end I find the longstroke version (using a special head to accept the longstroke) a
all round candidate then the standard stroke.

Then of course is a question of taste.
But it is strange to know that the people that I know that tried longstroke, either with Polini or Malossi for normal use (so not race) nobody regretted it.