vespa 200


Hello Goodnight, I have a vespa px200e iris without battery and I would like to know if you can adapt the Art. 50000220 (Rev Counter/Speedometer SIP ), or if on the contrary I have to install battery to the motorcycle.



Okay, thank you very much for the information.



You do not need a battery.
The SIP speedo comes with a little black module which is a combined voltage regulator-rectifier.

If you have a Vespa without a battery, this module has to be attached in the wire harness AFTER the standard voltage regulator. The module has a DC power output for the speedo and is also meant to smoothen the voltage (in a better way your standard regulator does it) and to protect the speedo from overvoltage.
If you have a Vespa with battery, by the way, please don't forget to attach the need it anyway.

I found it useful to attach the module under the horn cover, where you could easily get access to (it in case you have to replace it). Do not hide it somewhere inside of the Vespa. Also there is barely space under the speedo cover. The best place is under the horn cover...there you have a cable distributor box...right underneath it there is a space which seems to be hand-casted for the module...just use some cable ties...

I would highly recommend that you consult the manual of the speedo, which SIP has ready to download on the item page. The manual is multilingual.