Vespa 1983 PE200 floor runner kit

Just bought a floor runner kit and any tips that anyone has as regards fitting would be greatly appreciated.

Usual stuff. Dry fit first on scoot to ensure it all adds up correctly. Use rivets (without popping them off) for placement

From what i can see from restoring scoots. Good practice would be to scuff the underside of your purchase. get some rubberised sound dampener (bitumen type) and smear a 1 or 2 mm on to the scuffed surface.

Once its "gone off" rivet your stuff down. The dampener stops the ingest of moisture between the floor board and runner. Also stops fretting wear from engine vibration. If you do a tidy job you wont see it.





sorry, I should have given more info, it's the 48 euro SIP kit. come with runners, roll of rubber insert, caps, rivets and end cap pins. The old ones were removed to repaint the scooter. I've checked the new runners and the holes line up nicely. I have a pop rivet gun.

I'm pretty sure I could fit them easily enogh, but just wanted anyones tips or tricks to make fitting easier.

yeah, is it a standard cheapy floor runner kit or the piaggio one or something special?

Have you removed your existing kit already?

Did you buy rivets with it or got a pop rivet gun?

What are you finding tricky about replacement?





Got a 2001 PX200, what rivets would be best? pop rivet gun type, or hammered/panneled?

The pop rivet gun vs the £70+ tool? any probs using the cheap gun type?