vespa 180SS

helloi've got a problem , i handlebar on the clutch side is nearly broken , i guess that's whu my gears are bloked , so i gonna change it but on sip website, i only found this REF: 60555000 which is for 160GS and i 'd like to know if this will fit on my 180SS, also i couldn't find any gear pulley ans washer !  thank's for help  sharlly .


thank's for your reply , but i think it won't fit in as it is a 24 mm DIAMETER and mine looks to be 22 mm , and as well the lengh of it seems to be longer .

i wait for sip people to reply to me. thank's sharlly .


please have a look on this Part:

I am quite shure you can fit this to your 180 SS.