Vespa 160 with rectangular front light

I can buy a vespa 160 wich a think a could restore easily. Is 100€ a lot of many for it? By the way, a notice it has rectangular front light, and I don’t know if that is original, or if It means that front light comes from antother bike, maybe from a SS 180 or an GL 150. Anyone have ever seen a 160 GS with a front light like that?

I hope someone answers me, because I have to decide if buying it or not soon.

One last thing, if a bought it and the motor works OK, should I put a PX200 motor, or is it a stupid thing? Is the GS160 motor a good motor?

Thanks in advance,

katossi, SPAIN

This bike is a Spanish 160 and is not the same as an Italian GS160. It looks like one but has an engine that is unique to this bike. I’m not sure what it’s like in Spain but elsewhere in the world it is very difficult to get parts for so when they do make it out of spain they unsually end up with PX engines… they also have a femsa electronic ignition similar to the rally 200. Oh, and yes the headlight is original. On the global market it would be worth considerable less than an Italian GS…but hey, 100 euros isn’t a lot of money…even in Spain [;)]

Hope that helps your decision.