Vespa 150 Touring (T4) -62


I just got it through inspection for the first time since 1978. No more yearly inspections needed.

Its a Sweden sold Touring 150 -62, repainted light grey, some things to fit but ready to tune.


Prepping to tune it in stages:


Front wheel bearings

2,5" tubeless SIP rims

110/80 K58 tires

fix alot of small stuff...



Variable timing ignition, not sure what model yet.

60 mm crankshaft (w PX type flywheel side and 12V DC and add a battery for mobile charqing/LED lights)

Crank bearings

Maybe gear ratio and short 4th but haven't figured out what to modify/buy and if the original clutch can be used but w stiffer springs and new plates. Loved the cosa2 race clutch on my former PX225 malossi longstroke. Any suggestions?

(Cluth: if I'm correct I must fit a 108 mm clutch, the cosa2 is too large)


Pinasco 190 cm3 cylinder (w matched ports to crank case)

32 mm something carb (w fast fuel tap)


Any thoughts on above is appreciated.