VBC engine re-build

hi. i am about to order parts for VBC rebuild. engine # 60107. need to know the difference between crankshaft to suit Super #1 / Super #2? from specs on website i can see no difference - gudgeon pin=15mm, stroke=57mm, cone=20mm. but SIP site states different crank after engine 70199? also, are gear selector rods same length for super#1 / super#2? mine is 2 piece type (part #87041100 & 87042000) but site suggests it should be 1 piece (#87030000)? are the rods interchangable? also difference between engine bearing kit for Super #1 (#90000900/ Super #2 (#90009100)?

Basically, I need to know what are engine differences between Super #1 and Super #2. Thanks.

hi Andy B. if you ever read the above comment and think "i dont remember writing that...." it is because you did not! for some reason this system keeps switching from my login, to yours, with no action on my part. i sincerely hope you do not end up with my spare parts order & credit card details.  have fun, andrew R.